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Two home pages, cannot delete either one
(2017-06-09, 04:12:55)Didier9 Wrote:
(2017-06-09, 03:41:32)shawn_a Wrote: you will want to create an index.xml if you do not have one, you will probably not be able to create one via the interface it is prohibited. pages.xml will be recreated after deletion

Ok, I nuked the index.xml, index-1.xml and the pages.xml
Now I have no home page, even though the GetSimple file manager shows a page named "Home" but won't let me edit it.

So I created a new page, called it Home. Empty for now. I gave it a slug of "index"

Now, when I call, I get the "OOps page not found" message but when I click on Home in the GS menu, I get my new blank home page and the url is
We are back to an "index-1" slug

How do I tell GetSimple to use the Home page as Home?

Why does it want to call my home page "index-1"?

and when I look at the "pages" directory, I have an index.xml and index-1.xml files.

Also, when I try to recreate the index page, I cannot find the links to the other pages. I can only link to external URLs.

I am lost and in a panic as my web site's home page is pretty much down now.

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