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Two home pages, cannot delete either one
I am almost there. Two remaining problems:

- I cannot find links to the other pages in the editor, even though all the pages show up when I click on "Pages". Looks like it may be related to nuking the pages.xml file.
- I have no home page (when user looks for, I get the Oops! Page not found! page). I do have the home page when I click on the Home tab in the GS menu

I changed the slug to the home page from "index-1" to "Home" in an attempt to get my home page back.
Did not work and now I am back to having two pages called Home in "Page Management". I can only edit one of them, when I click on the other, nothing happens. I cannot delete it.
The GS Menu has two Home tabs (I use FrixelOne theme) but only one points to a page, the other points to Ooops!
I do have an index.xml and home.xml files in the pages directory. They are clearly different.

I am willing to pay somebody to fix this for me as I do not have the skills, time or the patience at this point.
Let me know.

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