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Two home pages, cannot delete either one
(2017-06-11, 03:27:55)Didier9 Wrote:
(2017-06-09, 07:57:10)shawn_a Wrote: what version ?
are you using i18n plugin ?

There is no home page, index.xml is hardcoded.

either a plugin is jacking your site up, or maybe permissions are causing issues.


/admin/inc/tmp/tmp-index.xml to pages directory
rename to index.xml
delete pages.xml , load page manager to recreate it automatically
OK, now I do not have the Ooops page, I have a "Welcome to GetSimple, sorry your search returned no hits" page when I try

I still have my normal "home" page in the Page Manager as "Home" and it has a slug of "home"

There is a "Welcome to GetSimple" page in the Page Manager with a slug of "index" that is different from the one displayed at step 1 above.

Should I copy the content of my home page in that page? or how do I make my current "home" page (which is not in index) my home page?

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