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Two home pages, cannot delete either one
(2017-06-13, 00:46:43)Bigin Wrote: what version of Item Manager do you use?

PS. I see 1.6

Yes, it was 1.6. It is disabled at the moment, not sure why I had it enabled or installed, it seems my web site is working fine without it (except for the home page issue), it may have been an experiment.

We are making progress...

Anyhow, the remaining issue at the moment is that the index page is the GetSimple default but is apparently not editable, yet is has the "index" stub, which if I understand that part is what tells GetSimple to load it when someone browses to

I want to make sure browsing to points to my home page (the page named "Home" and which has a stub of "home" in page manager. I do not want to mess that up and do it right.

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