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Two home pages, cannot delete either one
(2017-06-13, 02:23:29)Didier9 Wrote: Anyhow, the remaining issue at the moment is that the index page is the GetSimple default but is apparently not editable, yet is has the "index" stub, which if I understand that part is what tells GetSimple to load it when someone browses to

I want to make sure browsing to points to my home page (the page named "Home" and which has a stub of "home" in page manager. I do not want to mess that up and do it right.

At the moment, the "Welcome to GetSimple" page has a stub of "index" and it is greyed out, so I believe I cannot change it.

Turns out index.xml was read only, so I went to the console and changed the permissions to match the other files, then I renamed my former "Home" page something else and only then renamed the "Welcome to GetSimple" page "Home" and finally copied the text from the old page and I think I am done, finally.

Thank for the help.

I think the problem originally (a year ago or so, so I am not sure) was that I tried to create a second home page before changing the name of the first one and that got GetSimple confused. This time, I did it the other way around, which makes more sense but that means that for a few seconds I had no home page. Obviously not as big of a problem as not having one for several days...

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