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Edit plugin
Hello, i have made a plugin that lets you edit the plugins from Plugin Managaments > Edit plugins, selecting the plugin to edit.

When save the update, too save a backup with the code without modify.
The backup is saved in 'backups/other/nameplugin.php.backup.

It is necesary to have permissions of write the plugins files to modify.

To install > simply download and extract the file to your plugins folder.


PD: please test and comments bugs.
Somehow this plugin changes the format of the edited plugins, even if nothing is changed in the code of the plugin. As soon as I save for example the contact plugin the message vie E-Mail isn't correctly displayed anymore and I then also have the /admin/changedata.php bug as mentioned here:

Is there a way to change the plugin so it properly edits the plugins without changing their format?
Hello chupanigro,
do you want to say that when you save a plugin edited, the encoding format is changed?
For example, utf-8 change a ISO-8859-1,....

I have not been able to reproduce this behavior of the plugin, in 4 different servers.
If the error doesn't appear is difficult to solve it.

Can you me explain some more the problem, type of encoding of caracteres of plugin edited, type of encodinf of plugin Ed_plugin,... to try to reproduce this problem....

I dont know it is just really strange, even if I just SAVE UPDATES with the edit_plugin itself without changing it and yet it appears to have changed: up on top under "Select and Edit the plugin" it says "nnnnn", which was not there before!

Maybe it has something to do with this other bug:

I will try to remove all the plugins based on the contact plugin and see if the formats are changed (dont know yet which programm to use in order to find out but I guess a more advanced Editor than the Windows one will do).

To answer your other question: I just took the ed_plugin as it is (without changing anything about the format) and loaded it on the server, which works fine as long I don't try to edit anything with it.
Removing all the plugins solves the edit bug as mentioned in the link, but no change for the edit problem.

I compared the edited plugin php file with the unedited plugin php file, has all the same format BUT the code length has changed by one, \ is missing in line 114. So instead of $table .= "</tr>\n"; it says $table .= "</tr>n"; thats why the n's pop up on top of the site.

How can this be?
In principle should not change anything to save the plugin edited.
What plugin have you edited?.
What version of getsimple do you use?
What plugins do you have installed?
As I already wrote I edited the edit plugin itself but I didn't change anything, just saved updates without changing anything.

I use the newest version:2.03

For test reasons only the image gallery which includes admin tab loader and of course the edit plugin.
buff, i have not been able to reproduce this behavior of the plugin... and i have done a lot of tests....

I'm sorry, but i don't know what can happen to you ....

Please if you find what happen, comment it.

Same problem happened to me. And I could see that this can not be reproduced. it will create a problem to me. If there is any better solution please post here.

I am also thinking about to release from this trouble.

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