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-== A new article required on this page: ==+~~NOTOC~~ 
 +======About GetSimple ====== 
 +GetSimple is an XML based, stand-a-alone,​ fully independent and lite Content Management System. To go along with its best-in-class user interface, it is loaded with features that every website needs, but with nothing it doesn'​t. GetSimple is truly the simplest way to manage a small-business website. GetSimple is an open-source project licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3.
 +=====You can "​Undo"​ Almost Everything=====
 +This feature was based off an eye-opening AListApart article explaining how warning messages never work as planned. Because of this, we've included "​undo"​ into almost every action you can take on the site, giving you peace-of-mind for when you make those inevitable stupid mistakes.
 +=====Easy to Learn UI=====
 +The top priority when designing our user-interface was to make it the best in it's class. We had the luxury of trying and testing all the competing management systems before designing ours, so we took the best out of each one - then refined it.
 +=====Simple Installation=====
 +The total time in setting up a website took a total of 5 minutes, from starting the FTP to finishing the setup procedure.
 +=====Simple Theme Customization=====
 +"​[[http://​​forums/​showthread.php?​tid=4311&​pid=33141#​pid33141|I was shocked on how easy it is...]]"​ said one designer. A new site from scratch or converting an existing site - it's a simple job for anyone who understands basic html. No php knowledge is required and there is clear [[themes:​tutorial|documentation]] to help you
 +=====Highly Extensible=====
 +The simplicity of the GetSimple Core makes it highly adaptable and extensible. There are hundreds of [[http://​​extend/​all_plugins.php|plugins]] available and GetSimple has become a favourite for Gallery sites, Blogs, Multi-Language sites, single page scrolling sites, clubs and small businesses with slideshows, multi-user capability, contact forms, and loads more. It works with html5, Bootstrap, Skeleton, less, scss, splash pages, you name it.
 +===== XML Based =====
 +We don't use mySQL to store our information,​ but instead depend on the simplicity of XML. By utilizing XML, we are able stay away from introducing an extra layer of slowness and complexity associated with connecting to a mySQL database. GetSimple was built specifically for the small-site market, but XML has proved absolutely the best option for data storage for sites from one page to over a hundred pages.
 +Back to the GetSimple Wiki [[start|Contents Page]]
 +==Pages in this Section==
 +  *[[:​Description|GetSimple - What it is and What it's for]]
 +  *[[:​press_release|Press Information]]
-Overview of GS, what it is capable of, why people use it, what it's strengths are. 
-It should answer the unasked question: 'Is this CMS going to meet your needs?'​ 
-Not a discussion about direction but a description of where the project is now. 
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