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-====== ​File Management ​======+====== ​Files Tab ======
-This page allows you to manage your website's uploadsTwo important features are available:​ +Once it is set up a website ​owner should be able to edit, update and maintain a GetSimple site without using FTPThe **Files** tab provides the ability to upload ​and organise ​images ​and other files for use in website content.
-  ​Upload files and/or images +
-  * Create Folders+
-{{:​how_to:​filemanagement.png|}}+===== Initial View - Uploaded Files =====
-Uploading ​files and/or images will open a window (depending on your OS) which will allow you to select one or multiple files to upload:+The Initial view under the Files tab is a list of files and folders in the site folder data/uploads/ 
 +{{ :filestab01.jpg |}}
-{{:how_to:​filemanagement_filetransfer.png|}}+In this view a user can create subfolders and navigate between them, upload files into the currently viewed folder, delete files and view the server setting for Maximum Filesize. A drop-down dialogue enables the user to filter the displayed files by categorydocuments, images etc. If //Show all Images// is chosen the image files are shown as thumbnails as below.
-(* Sorry for the french picture. ​:-))+{{ :filestab02.jpg |}}
 +Files can also be uploaded manually through FTP and they will be displayed in the same way. FTP is needed to move files from one folder to another and to delete folders.
-===== Managing Uploads manually =====+Clicking on a file other than an image file will open the file if your browser is capable of opening that filetype, so pdfs for example are fully viewable directly from this window. Clicking on an image file will open the GetSimple **Image Control Panel**
-You can also manage your uploads manually. To do so, FTP to your website and create folders and upload files under ''​\data\uploads''​.+===== Image Control Panel =====
-===== Image Editor =====+Getsimple automatically creates a thumbnail of any image file in the ///​uploads///​ folder or subfolders and stores it in ///​data/​thumbnails///​ . By default the thumbnail is 200px wide. The default thumbnail size can be altered by editing the [[config:​gsconfig|gsconfig file]].
-GetSimple uses [[http://​​content/​Jcrop.html|Jcrop]] as its image editor ​of choice. +The top part of the Image Control Panel displays details of the image file and the thumbnail and allows you to view them in a fancybox pop-upthen a dropdown alters the display of different snippets of commonly used html for images ​and thumbnails which can easily be copied for pasting into page content.
-More information is required here about File Management ​and Thumbnail Creation+
-==== Tips'n tricks ====+{{ :​filestab03.jpg |}}
-=== CropBug ​===+==== Custom Thumbnails and Image Details ====
-GetSimple 3.0 has a bug with Jcrop: when cropping images larger than the image preview panel, ​the crop is erroneous.+Custom thumbnails are created simply by selecting the area of the image required and clicking ​the **Create Thumbnail** button. This will permanently overwrite the auto-generated default thumbnail. A custom thumbnail retains the resolution of the original image so it can be used to display larger image details on your site as well as for thumbnails.
-That is fixed by adding line:+There is a known issue with autogenerated thumbs not restored when files are re-uploaded.
-<​code>​trueSize:​ [<?php print("​$imgwidth,​$imgheight"​);​ ?>​],</​code>​ 
-just below:+=== Customizing Thumbnail Creation === 
 +GetSimple uses [[http://​​content/​Jcrop.html|Jcrop]] as its image editor. There is a known issue with the Chrome web browser in which jcrop may not work. 
-<​code>​var api = $.Jcrop('#​cropbox'​,{</code>+In the file image.phpone can edit JCrop functions. You can look up list of JCrop functions in the JCrop manual: http://​​content/​Jcrop_Manual.html
-in the fileimage.php +======Links====== 
- +Back to the GetSimple Wiki [[:start|Contents Page]] 
-=== Customizing JCrop behavior ​=== +==Pages in this Section== 
- +===Admin Reference=== 
-In the file image.php, one can edit JCrop functions. +  ​*[[:​basics|GetSimple Basics]] 
- +  ​*[[how_to:​website_settings|Settings]] 
-You can look up list of JCrop functions in the JCrop manualhttp://​​content/​Jcrop_Manual.html+  ​*[[how_to:​support|Support]] 
 +  ​*[[how_to:page_editing|Pages Tab]] 
 +  *[[:​file_management|Files Tab]] 
 +  *[[how_to:​theme_editor|Theme Tab]] 
 +  *[[how_to:​backup_pages|Backups Tab]] 
 +  *[[how_to:plugin_manager|Plugins Tab]]
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