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Advanced Editor Configuration

If you want to configure your editor even more, there are options within gsconfig.php that allow you to do some of the following:

These options will be described in the following chapters.

Editor - Language

The default language for the editor is english. This is defined in the configuration file gsconfig.php:

# WYSIWYG editor language (default en)
define('GSEDITORLANG', 'en');

GetSimple ships with very few additional CKEditor languages.
If you need something other than the couple that are included, download the latest CKEditor package, and extract the language file from the zip file's /ckeditor/lang folder and copy it to this folder within your own installation: /admin/template/js/ckeditor/lang

If you want to use your language with the editor, check whether there is a language file in the above named directory. If so, edit the configuration. For german language, you would define:

# WYSIWYG editor language (default en)
define('GSEDITORLANG', 'de');

and re-upload the edited file to your GetSimple-installation.

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