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Page Editing

Step 1:

To edit a page, click on the page title on the All Pages screen.

Step 2:

Once you are viewing the page you want to edit, you can now make various changes to the page and its contents.

Below is a diagram of the various functions:

a. Title Field
This is where you should put the title of the webpage.

b. Basic WYSIWYG Editor
Using these tools, you can format the content of your webpage and insert images.
Click Here For More Information about the **WYSIWYG Editor**

c. Page Options Clicking on this button expands several fields to further define your page.
Click here for more information about **Page Options**

d. View
This simply opens the webpage up in a new browser window/tab

e. Save Updates
When you are done with all your changes & edits, clicking this button will save the webpage.

f. Cancel
Clicking this will ignore any changes you have made redirect you back to the Pages screen

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