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-====== SettingsWebsite Settings ======+====== Settings ​====== 
 +=====Website Settings===== 
 +Website Settings are site-wide, meaning that it does not matter who is logged into the backend - everyone will see the same exact settings.
 {{:​how_to:​websitesettings.png|}} {{:​how_to:​websitesettings.png|}}
 +  * **Website Name** - This is the Name of your website
 +  * **Website Base URL** - This is the URL of where your GetSimple site is installed to
 +  * **Custom Permalink Structure** - Allows you to customize your URL structure.
 +  ==== Fancy (Pretty/​SEO) URLs ====
 +GetSimple allows you to create better looking, and more SEO friendly URLs. In order for this feature to work, your server needs to have the **mod_rewrite** module installed. ​
 +You also have the ability to edit the structure of the URLs by setting a **Custom Permalink Structure**. Certain custom structures need the **mod_rewrite** module, but not all. 
 +==== Custom Permalink Structure ====
 +Create custom permalinks via the **Settings** tab in your GetSimple installation. Permalinks help define the URL structure of your site. If you put a value in the **Custom Permalink Structure** input box, your **FancyURL** setting may be overridden by the string you put in.
 +The default URL structure for **"​FancyURLs"​ ON** is:
 +The default URL structure for **"​FancyURLs"​ OFF** is:
 +=== Syntax ===
 +The two tags to build your custom permalink are ''​%parent%''​ and ''​%slug%''​
 +Do not use a beginning slash
 +=== Examples ===
 +Replace subdirectory with your own virtual directory - //this folder does not need to exist//:
 +<​code>​subdirectory/​%parent%/​%slug%/</​code> ​
 +Removes the ''​index.php''​ from URL. This can be done without Fancy URL's turned on:
 +=== Adding .html, .htm or .php extension to URLs ===
 +If you want to add an extension (''​.html'',​ ''​.htm''​ or ''​.php''​) to your website'​s pages, you first need turn on **Use Fancy URLs**, then set the **Custom Permalink Structure** to (example for pages that will end in ''​.html''​):​
 +Next, you need to make a small change to your root level ''​.htaccess''​ file. Change the Rewrite Rule to this:
 +<​code>​RewriteRule /?​([A-Za-z0-9_-]+).html$ index.php?​id=$1 [QSA,​L]</​code>​
 +NOTE: Change ''​.html''​ to ''​.php''​ (or ''​.htm''​) in both the Rewrite Rule above and the permalink structure, if you are using that extension instead.
 +=====User Profile=====
 +This section of **Settings** allows you to change settings particular to the logged in user. 
 +  * **Username** - Cannot be changed as of GS 3.0. This is the login username.
 +  * **Email Address** - This is the email address of the logged in user. It is used primarily with the //Reset Password// feature and by some "​contact us" plugins.
 +  * **Local Timezone** - This helps show you the correct time that files have been created.
 +  * **Language** - This changes the [[:​languages|language of the backend]] of the site. You can download additional languages from [[http://​​extend/​|Extend]].
 +  * **Enable the HTML Editor** - Enables the [[how_to:​wysiwyg_editor|WYSIWYG editor]] within the page editor.
 +  * **New Password / Confirm Password** - Only fill in these fields if you want to change your password. Leaving this blank and clicking "​Save"​ leaves your password as-is.
 +Back to the GetSimple Wiki [[:​start|Contents Page]]
 +==Pages in this Section==
 +===Admin Reference===
 +  *[[:​basics|GetSimple Basics]]
 +  *[[how_to:​website_settings|Settings]]
 +  *[[how_to:​support|Support]]
 +  *[[how_to:​page_editing|Pages Tab]]
 +  *[[:​file_management|Files Tab]]
 +  *[[how_to:​theme_editor|Theme Tab]]
 +  *[[how_to:​backup_pages|Backups Tab]]
 +  *[[how_to:​plugin_manager|Plugins Tab]]
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