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 +====== Pair Networks ======
 +[[http://​​​|Pair Networks]] has a couple problems when running GetSimple:
 +  - [[installation:​modules|ZipArchive]] is not installed. Prior to 3.0, you would not be able to create website archive backups. With GS 3.1, you will have the ability to create tar.gz backups instead.
 +  - Directories are not writable by default. You will need to CHMOD the ''/​data/''​ and ''/​backups/''​ to ''​0777''​
 +  - Files created by the system (i.e. pages or backup files) are owned by a different owner. This doesn'​t cause a problem unless you want to delete/move files via FTP. To fix, their support will gladly help CHOWN the files for you if you ask.
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