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 +===== Upgrade 2.x to 3.x =====
 +  - Take a [[how_to:​backup_website|backup of your site]] first
 +  - On your server, copy or delete the folder: ''/​admin/''​. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to copy ''/​admin/''​ to ''/​admin-old/''​. ​
 +    * **HINT:** If you have a language file other than en_US.php, make sure you save off a copy from within ''/​admin/​lang/''​
 +  - Upload the new ''/​admin/''​ folder from the [[http://​​download/​|download]] you unzipped.
 +  - Update your root level ''​index.php''​ file from the one within the downloaded zip file
 +  - Fix the ''​.htaccess''​ file's rewrite rules to look like this: ''​RewriteRule /?​([A-Za-z0-9_-]+)/?​$ index.php?​id=$1 [QSA,​L]''​ The underscore "​_"​ is what's different here.
 +  - The first time you try and log in after uploading, ''​update.php''​ will run and attempt to re-organize all the data XML files. This is required in order to support multi-user capabilities. ​
 +==== Troubleshooting ====
 +If you encounter problems logging in or during ''​update.php'',​ you can try and take one of these two drastic steps to help reinstall your site:
 +=== Option #1 ===
 +  - Create a new installation of GetSimple on your server with the download of 3.0
 +  - Complete the installation so you now have a blank 3.0 GetSimple site.
 +  - Copy over the following files/​folders from your old site:
 +    * ''/​data/​pages''​
 +    * ''/​data/​other''​ (for 3.1)
 +    * ''​gsconfig.php''​
 +    * Any languages you might have installed in ''/​admin/​lang''​
 +    * Any plugins you might have installed in ''/​plugins''​
 +=== Option #2 ===
 +  - Delete/Copy off **website.xml**,​ **user.xml** and **cpsettings.xml** from your server'​s ''/​data/​other/''​ folder.
 +    * You will need to remember the settings within these files so when you go thru the installation again, you can put back the settings.
 +  - Make sure that setup.php and install.php are still located within your ''/​admin/''​ folder (they get deleted by the install if it thinks everything is already installed)
 +    * We are effectly tricking the install to think that this is a brand new installation,​ and it will re-create these files upon install. ​
 +  - Try to login. It should redirect you to a brand new install page. A new installation will never touch existing page files.
 +  - When you are logged in, remember to re-setup all your settings that were lost when you deleted the 3 files from step #1. Remember to go in and re-[[themes:​installation|choose your theme]].
 +Back to the GetSimple Wiki [[:​start|Contents Page]]
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