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Multi Level Navigation

aka 'Child Menus', 'Page Hierarchies', 'Nested Menus' and a lot of other things

Create a Page Hierarchy of Parents and Children

In Page Options you can choose a 'Parent' to mark a page as the 'Child' of another. This has the effect of giving the page a url of parent\child but doesn't alter the navigation menu links. GS supports any number of levels of url hierarchy.

The default get_navigation() template tag creates a simple, single series of links to pages marked for inclusion in the menu arranged in order as <li> elements. To generate nested lists or to separate different levels for different menus or to display page titles instead of the specified menu text a plugin is used. I18N is the most popular plugin or there are more simple plugins also in extend. Advanced users can also create their own custom menu functions.

Style the Navigation with CSS

Will be a brief 'how-to' for sub-pages and hierarchical navigation

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