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Theme Development Tips

These are some tips to help development of themes for GetSimple

  • include a file named editor.css in your theme folder and write in it basic style declarations so that the display in the CKEditor panel closely matches the web page.
  • There are many optional settings located in the /path/to/getsimple/gsconfig.php file. Includes CKEditor, file upload, security, language and sitemap settings.
  • To turn on debugging, uncomment the GSDEBUG line in /path/to/getsimple/gsconfig.php to enable full PHP errors to help debug.
  • If you want to see all PHP errors written to a log, check out /path/to/getsimple/data/other/logs/errorlog.txt - It is automatically generated by the system regardless of the GSDEBUG setting.
  • Add the file /path/to/getsimple/theme/your-theme/functions.php into your theme to add custom functions that can be used within your theme.
  • Add an image of your theme as /path/to/getsimple/theme/your-theme/images/screenshot.png to enable the theme image that shows when it s activated in the administrator panel.
    • Be sure to name it that exact name or else our system will not pick it up. Lowercase AND in the folder /images/ AND named screenshot.png
  • Add the code below to the top of any PHP file within your theme. This will stop any unwanted direct access to that particular file.
<?php if(!defined('IN_GS')){ die('you cannot load this page directly.'); } ?>


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