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-The wiki is being edited and altered. Pleas move on to the [[themes:​creation|Main Theme Creation Page]].+====== GetSimple Themes ======
-I found a link from the website ​to a wiki page that doesn'​t exist. Either ​the link needs changing or the page needs recreating. It might be an idea to have an introduction to theme building.+Themes allow you to change ​the front-end of the website you create with GetSimple 
 +  * [[themes:​installation|Theme Installation]] - using existing themes 
 +  * [[themes:​creation|Theme Creation]] 
 +  * [[themes:​template tags|Template Tags]] 
 +  * [[themes:​tips|Theme Development Tips]] 
 +  * [[themes:​template files|Template Files/​Multiple Templates]]
-Все просто))+If you want a way to change the back-end'​s theme, GetSimple offers [[admin_themes|a limited way to do that]] as well.
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