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Slovak Language / slovenčina 1.2 (Language)

Slovak language for GS 3.0 ================== ...
Tagged: slovak language slovenčina getsimple preklad gs slovenský jazyk

Slovak Language / slovenčina - GS 3.1 2.1 (Language)

Slovak language for GS 3.1, Slovenský preklad pre GS 3.1
Tagged: slovak language slovenčina getsimple preklad gs slovensky jazyk

Czechoslovak Transliteration 0.1 (Plugin)

A simple plugin that ensures perfect transliteration your Czech or Slovak title into the page slug / URL...
Tagged: transliteration czech slovak

News Manager (updated) - Slovak language file 0.1 (Plugin Language)

Slovak language for News Manager (updated) ver. 2.4.3 Slovenčina pre News Manager (updated) ver. 2.4.3
Tagged: news manager slovak language

GetSimple CMS - Slovak language file 0.4 (Language)

Slovak Language file for GetSimple CMS 3.2.1 - 3.3.16 Súbor so slovenským prekladom GetSimple...
Tagged: slovak language file slovenčina slovensky preklad

Slovak Language for GetSimple Blog 3.2.4 1.0 (Plugin Language)

Slovak Language file for plugin GetSimple Blog 3.2.4 Slovenčina pre plugin GetSimple Blog 3.2.4
Tagged: Slovak language GetSimple Blog