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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.1 - 3.3

Last Updated: September 2, 2014
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Author: johnstray2001
Author Website: https://www.johnstray.id.au/get-simple/themes/pure-bootstrap/
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Theme Description:

A simple and highly customizable theme built purely on the wonderful Bootstrap framework. This theme will allow you to create many great looking websites.

PureBootstrap features 5 basic templates for you to build on:

  • Default - Includes fixed width body with page title and breadcrumbs bar.
  • blank - A completely blank template so that you can create your own full width content.
  • blog - Designed especially for Blogs, it includes a sidebar with search, categories and archive.
  • sidebar-l - Similar to 'Default', but has a sidebar on the left. Sidebar content can be edited in sidebar.inc.php
  • sidebar-r - Same as 'sidebar-l', but with the sidebar on the opposing side.

This theme also has its own custom function to give it support for a number of plugins, including:

  • Custom Title
  • i18n Navigation
  • SimpleBreadcrumbs v1.0+
  • GetSimple Blog v1.4 & v3.x
  • GetSimple Blog 4.0+ (Yet to be released)

More information about this plugin, including what the future holds for it, the changelog , plus the main documentation can be found on my website. Visit the forum page for the links.

Install Instructions:

Download and extract the content of the ZIP file, then upload it to your '/themes' folder.

Activate the theme on the 'Themes' tab in the admin area.

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