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Second Site with GS - lnickel - 2013-12-08

Hi folks,

This is my second site with GS. I decided to leave WP and Drupal behind. It's done with Sass.  It still needs some tweaks here and there but for the most part is done.

55 regular pages and 95 news pages.

[Image: screencapture-www-rooseveltinvestments-c...3vcdd7.png]

RE: Second Site with GS - shawn_a - 2013-12-08

Why the margin -1 on the drop downs, looks weird, not aligned with hover.

Also I would box out teddy so it matches the height of the slider with maybe an opacity background on the title or something.

RE: Second Site with GS - lnickel - 2013-12-08

thanks! Yeh i know I could for the life of me find what was creating that -1px. Smile

Yeh...unfortunately that was the clients artistic take on it Sad