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I'm now working on a site I built for a client in 2018. After looking at the website health check, there are several warnings/errors. An upgrade is needed, ZipArchive is missing, the cache folder is missing and not writable, and /backups/users/ is not writable. I logged into the site through FTP and found a folder labeled (cache.bak) that had the same files as my backup cache folder from 2018. My question is: Can I change the name of the folder back to (cache) and will it work properly? Second, how do I restore the /backups/users/ folders to writable? I'm holding off on the upgrade until I get these issues resolved. Also, I don't have access to the cpanel.

I look forward to any and all help!

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Everything resolved! It just took me a while to refresh my memory on using GetSimple and read up on the provided documentation.
Thanks for keeping informed and posting back on it

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