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This is a redo of one of my first sites in GS to version 3.1.

Theme is from ThemeForest

Plugins used: GS_Shortcodes, PageEditOptions, Customfields , il8n Gallery
My Github Repos: Github
Website: DigiMute
haha - how true: "just because you washed your hands, doesn't mean the person before you did"
- Chris
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The slide is too fast, I came only to #2 "Opening the door..." ....

There are 9 errors:

<image ... shouldn't it be <img ...
Die deutsche GetSimple-Webseite: = the german Get-Simple-Website!
Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Like the design lots, way to go.
Thanks guys...

@connie, don't know ho I missed that, seems my shortcode plugin always did this.

still 3 errors but there coming from the Google +1 code.... nothing I can do about them....
My Github Repos: Github
Website: DigiMute
Yusturday that's a nice looking site!!!
Manager of a manufacturing workshop.
I think you should bump up the quality of the pictures. Some of them are a bit jpeg fuzzy... Wink
@graphiclunch, thanks, your right those on the front page look terrible. will update them...
My Github Repos: Github
Website: DigiMute

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