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Nearly finished using GS.

Couple of snagging issues to sort out and should be ready to go.

Issues to sort are:

  • Email arriving from contact form showing the HTML tags in the email that arrives.
  • Events plug in not opening up the full text in the sidebar when link is clicked.
  • User want a google map location page adding.
  • Problem with top of the sidebar not showing correct in lower versions of browsers.
  • User wants a Twitter feed adding

Any comments are more then welcome Smile

Chefbyte Services

did you have progress with the open topics?
I couldn't check the events as there are none in the moment

but I like trains! It's really a nice site
Die deutsche GetSimple-Webseite: = the german Get-Simple-Website!
Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Up and running now and loads more pictures added to the site, hope you like it Smile

All the wish list is now completed and the customer is well happy with the outcome..

Chefbyte Services

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