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Good afternoon everyone.

I want to introduce to you my new website ...

It is an encyclopedia that contains (or attempting to collect) as many biographies of historical figures related to so-called minor characters. These characters have no place in other encyclopedias (print or online). The site tries to reconstruct the family tree from ancestor to the last member of various families. The structure of the site is intended to reflect the most popular Wikipedia, and it is based on the internal organization of resources.

The site is operated by CMS GetSimple and many of its plugins.

For the moment the site is in constant evolution (like other similar sites), and many pages are under construction.

In this moment the language used is only italian.


Hi, this is a site with a very interesting topic!

Did you notice, that the news-posts show "Published on " so I think there is an italian language file necessary and the date is missing as well

Ciao, Connie,
(citato anche come Rustica o Rufa) da Germania ;=)
Die deutsche GetSimple-Webseite: = the german Get-Simple-Website!
Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Connie, Dank für den Besuch, den Kommentar und Anregung.

Google translator is great... :-)

Luke...from Italia

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