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Cracow Jazz Band website
The Cracow Metro Band, Poland jazz band.
Website originally hardcoded using tables, now completely rewritten with GetSimple CMS.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the graphical design of the page is not mine. I just have rewritten it with GetSimple.
Nice and simple, the way I like to create websites Smile
Websites based on GS just beg for html5 syntax.
Is there an important reason you still use XHTML 1.1 ?

Do you use multiple newsmanager plugins for news and concerts ?
Flash ... hmmm ... you utilise jquery on this website, so why didn't you animate top header using js ? ;>
Addons: blue business theme, Online Visitors, Notepad
I'm just learning HTML5 and I'm familiar with XHTML now. That's the only reason.
For concerts part I've created my own very simple plugin. News manager is only one instance and I don't know yet how to manage multilanguage news on the site with it. Maybe I'll switch it to MVlcek i18n search way of doing this. It's a little more complicated to the user (a musician) but maybe it'll be the only way.

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