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About: Film director Gregg Araki -
Hey all, i wanted to share with you a website i made for film director Gregg Araki

Originally i used an iframe to pull in the content into the central bit, which was quite fast, and the website didn't have to reload each time, however, there was a lot of duplicated code, and solely relied on JavaScript. This meant that you couldn't deep link to specific pages, and also Google and other search engines couldn't index the site, meaning it hardly showed up on Google results (dispute being second behind IMDB on the rankings )

Now the website functions like a real website thanks to Get Simple Smile
but why do you press everything in such a small div?

I do not feel comfortable with that.
Die deutsche GetSimple-Webseite: = the german Get-Simple-Website!
Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Your right, it does feel a little contained, it was designed about 3 years ago for laptops as part of a uni project, i need to redesign it at some point

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