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Creating Themes

Here are some steps of Creating Themes using GetSimple, follow steps below and see the results:

Creating themes could certainly be its own tutorial; however, I did want to touch on the topic for those looking to try out the CMS.

To create a theme, add a folder in GetSimple CMS’s /theme/ directory on your server. You only need one file: template.php. In it will go the mark-up that lays out eachpage.

GetSimple CMS will automatically add a new theme to the Theme tab, the name of the theme being the name of the directory you added (IE if the directory is named /Test/, the theme will be named Test).

Some other files worth including are (much like WordPress): header.php, footer.php, style.css, functions.php, and sidebar.php. If you’re familiar with WordPress, you’ll see GetSimple CMS is heavily influenced by it.

Thank you
Thanks for listing the minimal steps

I ask you to describe that more in detail, with screenshots for example and add this tutorial to the WIKI, why not?

GetSimple lives from the contribution of the users ;=)

Cheers, Connie
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