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Simple design

i just finished the template of this site:
Its all in gs! I'm pretty statisfied with the result! What you guys think? It took me some time to figure out the multi level navigation and the slider, but it looks nice together!
It needs some little changes: menu colors, and a logo will be added instead of the current header, but waiting for the logo to be done! Smile
nice Wink I like it !
We had all been beginners :)
Well, but I don't like the background ;-)
Best regards,
Personally I am never a fan of so-called jumping footers, in other words: sites where the position of the footer in the viewport depends on the content of the page. As a result the position of the footer will differ from page to page, basically jumping all over the place (hence the term 'jumping footers').

Personally I tend to opt for a so-called sticky footer, gives a site a much more uniform appearance. But other than that I like the look, but it could use a bit more colour Smile
Well, i agree i have to add some more colors. Well i made a basic sticky 2 column footer now! Smile Thanks for the responds! I personally like the bg Wink

To Do:

*add some colors
*Put Content

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