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Hi Guys,

We used GetSimple to redesign our static HTML page.
Clean & Simple... ( thats what i think )

Comments & Feedback always welcome...
I like it. Just as you wrote - clean & simple, perfect color pick.

What do you think of making the main menu text a little bit bolder?

And one more point: that's a pity easySlider doesn't seem to have something like "pauseOnHover" option. It took time for me to make out how to stop the slideshow to check out a specific slide.

Great job!
crappy slider - change it.
dont put writing in background thats bas SEO.
good day Smile
Thanks for the comment dudes, I changed the slider! Beter like this?
@giggty: you probably meen "bas" -> bad SEO? Can be a little more specific please?
yeahh.. thats cool!

I like your info-organization of the site! And the slider image runs well!

On the "produtcs area" you done this page with set frame code,, all html??
You found the code of the products page in this site GET Simple?

thanks 4 your help.

best regards
I mean this :

What you did there is called "Easy Fix" You wanted to convey a message so you put it in the background...
The problem is that google and other search engines don't understand the "writing on the picture", Hens - Bad SEO.... You should make his writing "Live" - that's the right way to do it. It is true that's some graphics cannot be "Copied" with "Code" but in your case... It shouldn't be that hard...

If you do use graphics don't put it in the background ... Put it in another "DIV" and give the picture "ALT" (alternative text = what is written on the picture .... Got it Smile ?
@ cliproject
I not really sure what you mean...
But I made 2 different templates, a template for the pages with the leftside menu (company/products).
And one without the leftside menu (index/contact/news) then you can link your pages to different templates in your page options.

yeah i know, easy quick fix to show the boss. never changed it...

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