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GetSimple CMS in Russian
Decided to start promoting your CMS in Russia.
Because the translate can only Google, there may be some mistakes, but everything I've learned from you, I will teach everyone in Russia.
If I'm not mistaken, there're already some websites promoting GetSimple for russian speakers.
But your site looks definitely better Smile
These sites have not evolved since their creation, and the forum filled spammers
so I created my a forum and already have answered a couple of questions Smile
Ok, I see Smile
We have enough russians, go away.

This site is making me laugh with that slideshow.

Good job, even if with the sexism.

Oh and the link outs to your sites for our competitors is a bit crass.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
here I agree with you, I'm just going to create a couple of sites for other CMS, but the links I'll remove course, will be placed in the footer of news, comment and contact form
Haha, I didn't watch slideshow to the end Big Grin
shawn_a, about how I was going to do, unlikely to many people it can be done, people are impatient Smile
Maybe you want reduce time for each slide then, no? Wink
might be the last slide to the first?
Oh, this will make user stay on the website and capture his attention for a long time Smile
Site looks great, The footer section need finishing off, it still has the placeholder text.
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