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Belcoptere - Belgian helicopter R/C flight club

This is my first website with GetSimple:

The website has been developed for a R/C copter club.

From a technical point of view, the web site has been made with the following standard components:
  • GetSimple 3.2.0: the core system!
  • Exec PHP: used to integrate some functionalities in articles
  • I18N Gallery: to show photo galleries
  • HitCount: used to get some stats (in addition to Google Analytics)
  • I18N Custom Fields: used to display some blocks, or to implement "redirect" menu items
  • p01-contact: as the contact form
  • random content: to display banners
  • simple print: to get a print-friendly version of pages

In addition, I developed or adapted some components:
  • Custom theme: of course, it was a work needed...
  • splitter_menu: component used to provide the 1st-level menu (horizonal menu) and the 2nd-level menu displayed vertically
  • random_content: has been debugged
  • simple print: has been debugged

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