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LXLE Linux Distribution website now uses GetSimple
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The main website is here.

Here is the article they wrote about GetSimple CMS

Looks great. I might have to check out this linux product,I have a ton of old laptops I want to give out to people.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
It's an interesting Review!
I am so glad that - day by day - GetSimple is becoming most popular!
About this Linux Project, it seems the best thing for an old machine... I wanna test it too.
My website made with GetSimple CMS is

Arte & Società

An indipendent website about Italian Contemporary Visual Arts
I just wanted to make an update to this post to show the incredible flexibility of GetSimple CMS.

Recently I incorporated forums for LXLE users into the existing GetSimple CMS website.

Coupled with another opensource project named VanillaForums. It really turned out nice and is very easy to manage between the two of them.

You can check them out of you want.

Main Page is the like mentioned above.

The forums are located on the support tab

Big Fan here GetSimple Smile
looks great, always liked vanilla forums... easy to theme and incorporate into your existing site...
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