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Farmhouse B&B
I uploaded this site today but I expect there will be plenty of changes still to make. Great to be able to make continual edits and improvements.

The site is responsive and mobile friendly - that was really important to the owners. I used the Seascape theme and adapted it with colours and fonts from the previous website to keep some consistency in the branding. A lot of the images are clickable with the fancy-box plugin. There is also a pop-up contact form being tested which I was pleased with. I had never seen how easy it is to make a pop-up window link with the CKEditor, but it is. I used cumbe's contact form. I had to alter it a bit to make it fit in with the responsive layout. P01 is getting too out of date now.
Very nice!
That site brought in an enquiry for another similar site (good business!). Still tweaking a few bits here and there but it is uploaded and public:

Pages have their own header images and sidebars using Carlos's brilliant if (component_exists... system which is in the wiki now.

All the images are clickable using the fancy box plugin, and the sidebar thumbnail gallery showing the rooms and bathrooms is also plain fancy box - I like the simplicity of it.

Cumbe's contact form slightly altered in layout for the popup enquiry form.

News Manager (Updated) for the Events page so I can easily add and remove upcoming events - since it will be me editing I am just using a wrong publish date to control the order the posts are displayed.

Plus Custom Title & Multi Users, and the theme fully fluid and responsive with the skeleton grid. GetSimple continues to be absolutely the best tool for these small sites.

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