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Hey Folks!

Just wanted to show my first GS Website:

GS, i18n, CustomFields, DynPages, SimpleInputTabs, Galleria, MedieElement.js all helped in getting this done in a reasonable time.

Thanks to all the contributors for this great toolset and your support!

It's very graphics-heavy, but that's what it's all about.
It's the most fun with a fast connection and fullscreen.

Still working on some niggles, but overall GS worked great.

Critique and hints for improvements welcome!


It is super-cool. I was expecting it to blast through my speakers, but it was strangely silent.
Thanks a lot Timbow!

At a later point I may indeed add some slight ambient audio to the site (optional of course).

When I find the time, I'll convert my main site at to GS as well. ModX is just too heavy for my taste, although it is a slick system in principle.


Very slick. Simple and powerful, well done!
ryunp: thank you very much!

It's funny, I built websites from the time it was first possible to access the "Internet" through Compuserve (I still remember my first: "Hey, look at that, I'm in Afrika!" - Moment) but got completely fed up with the whole thing through the browser wars, where all you did was basically fighting with weird implementations, bugs and incompatibilities for the most mundane things.
For a long time I didn't do any web development, but one day when thinking about my then very outdated, static, tablebased website and what to do with it, I stumbled over a photographers website that consisted of nothing but full screen images and a menu.

That was a real "eureka" for me, since I'm very visual and never enjoyed tiny pictures on sites that are all about imagery.
I then started to build a site with Flash, all coded in Action Script 3, but it was the time when Apple decided that Flash is crap and Adobe folded and it became obvious that the future of Flash is basically nil.

Then I found ModX, live.js and Galleria with Komodo Edit as my Editor, which made me finally adapt to a CMS, CSS, JS, PHP etc.

But ModX turned out to be a bit of a drag for "normal" websites - it's just a bit on the heavy side for what I usually need.

So I hunted around the web for a long time, thinking about a static site generator, but didn't find one that is as slick and comfortable as ModX but without all the overhead.

And then, by accident I found GS.
I immediately liked the non-database approach (I always found databases a pain to deal with), the very fast and lightweight backend (compared to ModX) and the K.I.S.S. approach, but was a bit concerned about it being too simple. But as soon as I found i18n and all the other plugins that make GS into a full fledged CMS (for me) I was sold :-)

So I really look forward to work in this field once more and learn as much as I can about it.



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