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Site for a book
The Somerset Coast

Just uploaded this afternoon. I might have to change the greens on the second page.

Sidebar galleries are simple Fancy-Box plugin. They give out validation errors - the id="fb" required by the plugin is invalid apparently - but not to worry.

Built on GSkeleton theme so responsive for tablets and phones.

Google Fonts and colours reflect the design of the book which the site promotes.

How did you tackle the responsiveness of the images?

Looks to something like adaptive.


The images are just given css widths in % and/or max-width min-width as appropriate. Testing as you go along. The column count on the index page and some of the font sizes and margins needed adjusting for small screens with media queries, but the Skeleton css lays it all out for you so it isn't too hard.
Yes yes Smile I was wondering because when I do adjust the screen size the images stay pretty clear. I've been using the ol' width:100% height:auto and I get my pics get a little blurry.

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