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Get simple CMS simplicity
One of the awesome things about this CMS is powerful simplicity. This project was pretty much heavy HTML/CSS/JQuery and the cms basically provided the provided support. Plugins used:
Theme highlighter
WJ Notepad
Simple page content

Built using the awesome Foundation 4 framework.
Good sites and YES F4 rocks for real!
My website made with GetSimple CMS is

Arte & Società

An indipendent website about Italian Contemporary Visual Arts
The background parallax effect makes my browser jumpy as hell when scrolling.
using chrome
NEW: SA Admin Toolbar Plugin | View All My Plugins
- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Both sites are a bit too busy for my eyes (distracting), especially that scrolling photo of the admin-desk of low quality (I'm thrilled by the enormous ventilation machine, you sure have good air) on the first website. If you would make it smaller, it would look better overall. Also: why a Facebook button in the middle and one one the left?

The menu on the car site should not be fully transparent, at least not where the text is. Background on top also seems to have destracting scrolling effect.

Overall some nice parts about the website, but in my opinion it needs some tweaking.

* The scroll up button on the right on the first website doesn't work on the lower part of the page.

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