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Intransla - Preklady a tlmočenie / Translation and Interpretation
Hello Smile

New Get Simple web is live:

Intransla - Preklady a tlmočenie

Slovak and English version with I18N plugin, custom theme... Hope you will like it Smile
it's a really nicely styled site.

I find a problem with the responsive thing, although it works - I get a pointless horizontal scrollbar at some widths.
Thanks... didn't noticed it... my windows scheme is almost same like the page colors so I can barely see the scrollbar. I will fix it Smile
so fast!

how do manage to change the url /en/ and /sk/ ?

you have 2 differents GetSimple in parrallel?
No, it's only one GS installation... I've used I18N plugin and custom permaling structure


You just need to modify .htaccess accordingly...
Everything you need to know about is written here -

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