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New site - - Bootstrap theme

Using the bootstrap theme

news manager
News Manager CreatePost
Contact Form
Multi User (for a page editor only user)

The news page isn't shown until they get a couple articles out, but it's there. I would use something like i18n special pages/search if I had to do it over again, but found them too late.

Overall, very pleased with this CMS. It fits wonderfully for these simple websites.

If I could change something it would be adding the ability to upload files from the edit page.

Thanks for all hard work developers!
clean.. easy.. responsive.. I'm impressed, GREAT JOB!
user plugin: scroll to top
It is indeed a good job.
Where does the responsive slider/carousel come from?

I found cumbe's contact form works really well but I like to tidy the layout a bit. See here:
Thank you for the kind words.

The slider comes with bootstraps js file: All you have to do is make sure the html has the right class/id. I put all of the html in a component.

I agree, the contact form could use some layout changes to make it cleaner. Thanks for the links!

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