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GS and Free Web hosts/Cloud services/l/wamp servers
If you are attempting to run GS on a a free web host or a cloud based hosting platform, you should have an advanced understanding of hosting on these platforms.

These platforms typically are non standard, extremely restrictive and often clustered, meaning you might only have write access to a special path.

GS needs write access to a bunch of paths to install. For these platforms it is recommended that you install and create your site on a working host/lamp/wamp server and upload the full installation to your host. Then you need write access to the data folder, and possibly themes if you plan on using the theme editor.

If you are having issues please MENTION THESE facts when posting issues, as support for these platforms is not typical, and often requires users to have knowledge of system administration of hosts and or linux user and file permission sets, and php ini configurations, apache configurations, and the various modern security layers that sit on these.
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