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-====== ​Advanced Configuration ​======+======Customising your GetSimple Installation====== 
 +GetSimple is highly customisable and highly extensible. The simplicity of the core make it a favourite with designers and developers. You can add whatever features you want while keeping it simple where you don't need them.
-GetSimple is ready to use right out of the box, but there are some ways that developers can customize their installations. ​+ ===== Themes ===== 
 +   ​*[[themes:​creation|Theme Creation]] 
 +   ​*[[themes:​tutorial|Theme Creation Tutorial]]
-  * [[gsconfig|gsconfig.php]] +===== Plugins ===== 
-  * [[admin themes|Admin Themes]] +   *[[plugins:​guide|Plugins Guide]] 
-  * [[permalinks|Permalinks]] (an extension of [[pretty urls|Fancy URLs]]) +   ​*[[plugins:creation|Plugin Creation ]]
-  ​* [[plugins|Plugin Creation]]+
 +===== Languages =====
 +  *[[:​languages]]
 +  *[[plugins:​i18n|Plugins & Languages (I18N)]]
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