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Website Settings

Website Settings are site-wide, meaning that it does not matter who is logged into the backend - everyone will see the same exact settings.

  • Website Name - This is the Name of your website
  • Website Base URL - This is the URL of where your GetSimple site is installed to
  • Custom Permalink Structure - Allows you to customize your URL structure. More Information
  • Fancy URLs - This will allow you to have an SEO-friendly URL structure. Customizable with Permalinks & needs mod_rewrite installed to work properly.

User Profile

This section of Settings allows you to change settings particular to the logged in user.

  • Username - Cannot be changed as of GS 3.0. This is the login username.
  • Email Address - This is the email address of the logged in user. It is used primary with the Reset Password feature and by some “contact us” plugins.
  • Local Timezone - This helps show you the correct time that files have been created.
  • Language - This changes the language of the backend of the site. You can download additional languages from Extend.
  • Enable the HTML Editor - Enables the WYSIWYG editor within the page editor.
  • New Password / Confirm Password - Only fill in these fields if you plan on changing your password. Leaving this blank and clicking “Save” leaves your password as-is.
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