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 ====== WYSIWYG Editor ====== ====== WYSIWYG Editor ======
 +GetSimple uses [[http://​​|CKEditor]] as its rich-text editor of choice. It is not necessary to have this enabled to use **GetSimple**. If you have it off, you will need to type the HTML into your content area yourself.
-GetSimple uses [[|Jcrop]] as its image editor ​of choice.+Please note that the expression ​//WYSIWYG Editor// is commonly used, but it is not 100% true 
 +The editor, as any Rich-Text-Editor for web-applications does not reflect the actual CSS which comes with the activated themeTo have the text displayed / formatted like it would be styled by CSS, some configuration has to be done (and is not documented yet here in the WIKI)
-===== Tips'n tricks =====+**CKEditor** is the successor of FCKEditor, but with new syntax.
-==== CropBug ====+All information on CKEditor is online at [[http://​​]] ​
-GetSimple 3.0 has a bug with Jcrop: when cropping images larger than the image preview panel, the crop is erroneous.+In this chapteryou find the following information about the editor: 
 +  - [[Editor Configuration|Advanced Editor Configuration]] 
 +  - [[how_to:​editor_configuration_toolbars|Editor Toolbars]] 
 +  - [[how_to:​editor_configuration_more_options|More Editor Options]] 
 +  - [[how_to:​editor_configuration_custom_files|Custom Configuration File and Custom Styles File]]  
 +  - [[how_to:​editor_configuration_syntaxhighlight|Add SyntaxHighLighting to the editor]] 
 +  - [[how_to:​editor_configuration_more_options#​spellcheck | SpellChecker]]
-That is fixed by adding line:+In your GetSimple-installation,​ **CKEditor** ​is located in the directory //root of your GetSimple installation/​admin/​template/​js/​ckeditor///​ 
 +There you will find the file ''​readme-getsimple.txt''​ which contains information about the integration into **GetSimple**. 
 +==== ReadMe ==== 
 +//CKEditor 3.5.2 for GetSimple CMS (v1.1, 2011-03-06)
-<​code>​trueSize:​ [<?php print("​$imgwidth,$imgheight"​);​ ?>​],</​code>​+This is a special stripped down version of CKEditorconfigured to work with **GetSimple.**
-just below:+Differences from original version:
-<​code>​var api = $.Jcrop('#​cropbox'​,{</​code>​+* added improved getsimple skinbased on default getsimple skin 
 +* removed samples, sources, skins, all languages except from English, connectors and other files not crucial for CKEditor functioning 
 +* hide element path, resizer and toolbar collapser using config.js instead of CSS display:​none
-in the fileimage.php+Issues: 
 +* toolbar collapser doesn'​t work 
 +* some toolbar icons in icons.png has very low opacity (it is in image, not CSS problem) 
 +* dialog close button should be replaced with image more suitable to GetSimple style 
-==== Customizing JCrop behavior ====+Notes: 
 +Removing all languages except English from CKEditor saves a lot of space. I'd suggest to notify translators to add CKEditor translations to GetSimple translation packs.//
-In the file image.php, one can edit JCrop functions.+===== Enabling/​Disabling CKEditor in GetSimple ===== 
 +Within **Settings -> Website Settings** you can check (enable) or uncheck (disable). 
-You can look up list of JCrop functions in the JCrop manualhttp://​​content/​Jcrop_Manual.html+======Links====== 
 +Back to the GetSimple Wiki [[:​start|Contents Page]] 
 +==Pages in this Section== 
 +===Adding and Editing Content=== 
 +  *[[how_to:​wysiwyg_editor|WYSIWYG Editor]] 
 +  *[[:components|Components]] 
 +  *[[:404|Custom 404 Page]]
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