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GetSimple uses CKEditor as its rich-text editor of choice. It is not necessary to have this enabled to use GetSimple. If you have it off, you will need to type the HTML into your content area yourself.

Please note that the expression WYSIWYG Editor is commonly used, but it is not 100% true. The editor, as any Rich-Text-Editor for web-applications does not reflect the actual CSS which comes with the activated theme. To have the text displayed / formatted like it would be styled by CSS, some configuration has to be done (and is not documentated yet here in the WIKI)

CKEditor is the successor of FCKEditor, but with new syntax.

All information on CKEditor ist online at

In this chapter, you find the following information about the editor: - Advanced Editor Configuration - Editor Toolbars - More Editor Options - Custom Configuration File and Custom Styles File - Add SyntaxHighLighting to the editor - SpellChecker

In your GetSimple-installation, CKEditor is located in the directory root of your GetSimple installation/admin/template/js/ckeditor/ There you will find the file readme-getsimple.txt which contains information about the integration into GetSimple.


CKEditor 3.5.2 for GetSimple CMS (v1.1, 2011-03-06)
This is a special stripped down version of CKEditor, configured to work with GetSimple.
Differences from original version:
* added improved getsimple skin, based on default getsimple skin
* removed samples, sources, skins, all languages except from English, connectors and other files not crucial for CKEditor functioning
* hide element path, resizer and toolbar collapser using config.js instead of CSS display:none Issues:
* toolbar collapser doesn't work
* some toolbar icons in icons.png has very low opacity (it is in image, not CSS problem)
* dialog close button should be replaced with image more suitable to GetSimple style
Removing all languages except English from CKEditor saves a lot of space. I'd suggest to notify translators to add CKEditor translations to GetSimple translation packs.

Enabling/Disabling CKEditor in GetSimple

Within Settings → Website Settings you can check (enable) or uncheck (disable).

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