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-====== ​Installation ​Requirements ======+====== ​Server ​Requirements ​and Apache Modules ​====== 
 +===== Server Requirements ​=====
   - UNIX/Linux host   - UNIX/Linux host
   - PHP 5.2+   - PHP 5.2+
-  - Apache - modules used +  - Apache - See below for modules used 
-  ​No MySQL Database + 
-  ​- 6 minutes to spare +  ​No MySQL, No Database ​needed 
-  - * Windows hosting has been tested successfully,​ with minor limitations. +  * Windows hosting has been tested successfully,​ with minor limitations. 
-  ​* Nginx working (tested on Debian Lenny and Squeeze) with minor tweaks.+  * Nginx working (tested on Debian Lenny and Squeeze) with minor tweaks. 
 +===== Apache & PHP: Required Modules ===== 
 +==== Required Modules ==== 
 +**[[http://​​manual/​en/​book.simplexml.php|SimpleXML]]** is used by GetSimpleCMS for efficient XML document manipulation.\\ 
 +The extension is enabled by default in most distros. To be sure //for local development//,​ open a terminal and list all PHP modules by typing: 
 +  php -m 
 +//For remote servers//, upload a file phpinfo.php with the following contents: 
 +  <?php phpinfo(INFO_MODULES);​ ?> 
 +..navigate to it in the browser, and search for SimpleXML. 
 +If SimpleXML is not in the list, you need to [[http://​​manual/​en/​simplexml.installation.php|install it]]. 
 +==== Important but not Absolutely Required Modules==== 
 +  * [[http://​​manual/​en/​zip.installation.php|ZipArchive]] - For making zip [[how_to:​backup_website|backups]] of your website. If you do not have this installed, GS will try to use the [[http://​​manual/​en/​book.zlib.php|zlib library]] to create .tar.gz files instead of .zip . 
 +  * [[http://​​docs/​current/​mod/​mod_rewrite.html|Apache mod_rewrite]] - This is only needed if you want to use [[:​pretty_urls|FancyURLs]] (set within the control panel'​s '​settings'​ page). aka **rewrite_module**. 
 +  * [[http://​​manual/​en/​curl.setup.php|Curl]] - Curl is needed to connect to our API to check for GetSimple updates.  
 +  * [[http://​​manual/​en/​image.installation.php|GD Library]] - This module is needed in order to create thumbnails on uploaded images. 
 +Back to the GetSimple Wiki [[:​start|Contents Page]] 
 +==Pages in this Section== 
 +  *[[:​installation|Installation on a Web Server or a Local Server]] 
 +  *[[installation:​migrating|Migrating,​ Moving and Uploading Complete Sites]] 
 +  *[[installation:​requirements|Server requirements and Apache Modules]] 
 +  *[[installation:​upgrade|Upgrading to the Latest Version of GetSimple]] 
 +  *[[installation:​specific-webhosters|Guidance for Specific Hosting Companies]] 
-View information on the [[installation:​modules|required modules]]. 
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