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-This Page is yet to have content. +====== Multi Level Navigation ====== 
-Will be brief 'how-to' for sub-pages and hierarchical ​navigation+aka 'Child Menus',​ 'Page Hierarchies',​ '​Nested Menus' and a lot of other things 
 +===== Create a Page Hierarchy of Parents and Children ===== 
 +In Page Options you can choose a '​Parent' ​to mark a page as the '​Child'​ of anotherThis has the effect of giving the page url of​parent/​child but doesn't alter the navigation menu links. GS supports any number of levels of url hierarchy, but it's native menu function only displays a single, simple list of links. 
 +===== Insert Navigation Links into the Page Template ===== 
 +The default ''​get_navigation()''​ template tag creates a simple, single series of links to pages marked for inclusion in the menu arranged in order as ''<​li>''​ elements. To generate nested lists (eg for dropdown menus) or to separate different levels for different menus or to display page titles instead of the specified menu text a plugin is used. [[http://​​extend/​plugin/​i18n/​69/​|I18N]] is the most popular plugin or there are more simple plugins also in extend. Advanced users can create their own custom menu functions. 
 +===== Style the Navigation with CSS ===== 
 +Not all GetSimple themes have CSS to display more than a single ''<​ul>''​ as a nav menu. You can style your own menus or can to choose a theme which supports multi level navigation.
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