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Plugins Guide

This is a list of a small selection of plugins submitted by users as particularly useful for specific purposes. For full details of these and other GS Plugins please see the full Extend listings for:

  • the plugin description,
  • the plugin's support topic and
  • the plugin author's home page



  • Allows multiple Admin User Logins
  • Controls access to different parts of the Backend

Custom Title

  • Allows direct input of text between the <title> tags in the html <head> section.
  • Essential for SEO

Page edit options

  • Adds the following icon options to the “Pages Overview” page:
    1. Ordered List Item
    2. Edit Page
    3. Create Child page
    4. Clone Page
    5. Menu Toggle
    6. Private Toggle
    7. View Page
    8. Delete Page


  • Update GetSimple installation and plugins

SA GS Admin Toolbar

  • Adds a Front-End (+ back-end) Administrative menu-toolbar

GS Custom Settings

  • Lets webmasters/ site managers, theme and plugin developers implement and use their own custom settings for output, configuration, and cross-plugin/-theme communication.

Blog, News

News Manager

  • news/posts are stored separately from pages
  • archiving
  • tags
  • undo functionality

I18N Special Pages + I18N Search

  • News/blog entries are just special pages with custom fields and thus automatically indexed by I18N Search
  • To avoid cluttering your admin pages view with news/blog entries, put all news/blog entries under common parents, install I18N and hide these parents' children.
  • RSS feeds

Pages & Comments

  • posts are normal pages
  • comments system

GS Blog

  • posts are stored separately from pages
  • archiving
  • categories
  • post thumbnails
  • custom fields
  • external comments (disqus)

Matrix Blog

  • requires The Matrix, I18N, I18N Search and Pagify plugins
  • template editing
  • categories
  • custom fields
  • I18N integration, I18N searchable
  • built-in comments system
  • gravatar support


  • allows you to create multiple galleries of images with titles

I18N Gallery

  • multiple gallery types (e.g. slide show, pop up) with titles, tags and texts
  • multi-language aware (I18N)
  • indexed by I18N Search

The Photo Gallery

  • the easiest way to present one folder of images, where the folder name is the gallery title and the file name is the image title


  • for displaying images pulled from Flickr and Picasa/Google+ photo albums. Mobile-friendly and responsive.

Item List, Product List, etc.

Item Manager

  • define item types as a collection of input fields
  • create and list items on your pages

I18N Special Pages + I18N Search

  • All items are stored as pages with additional input fields
  • pages are automatically indexed for I18N Search
  • custom display of these special pages



  • Search and replace anything in the sites xml files


  • Same as Ts-fastreplacer, but on the fly, doesn't change the xml files


  • Converts urls on the fly, doesn't change the xml files


  • Automates URLs modifying in cases when site changes the domain address

There are also plugins who change absolute urls to relative:


  • Changes ckeditors local links from absolute host, to relative root urls


  • Replaces all occurencies of current site path string to specified string, while saving pages

Multi-language Sites


  • multiple languages with custom admin pages view
  • language aware multi-level navigation
  • automatic thumb and image sizing

Multi-level Navigation

Child Menu

  • second level menu for your site


  • multi-language aware multi-level navigation
  • breadcrumbs

Nested Menus

  • navigation with two levels

Multiple content area's

I18N Custom Fields

  • GUI to add custom fields: text fields, dropdown boxes, check boxes and WYSIWYG textareas.

Simple input Tabs

  • Populating different number of content sections for different pages.

I18N Special pages

  • Define types of pages with custom fields, customized behaviour and customized display.

I18N Search

  • multi-language aware search
  • tag cloud, optional live search
  • extensible to index other plugins' content


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