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Hooks and Filters


Front-End Hooks
Hook ID Description Support
theme-header Fired in <head> section of theme. Requires get_header() in template
theme-footer Fired in the footer of the theme. Requires get_footer() in template
content-top Fired right above content area of theme
content-bottom Fired right below content area of theme
index-pretemplate Called before your template files are rendered
index-posttemplate Called after your template files are rendered
error-404 Called if the page does not exist before rendering the error page
Back-End Hooks
Hook ID Description Support
admin-pre-header Called before the header.php template file is loaded 3.1+
archive-backup Fired when an archive backup has been created
caching-save Fired before data/other/pages.xml file is saved for caching 3.1-3.3
caching-saved Fired after data/other/pages.xml pagecache file is successfully saved 3.3+
changedata-aftersave Called after a page is saved 3.1+
changedata-updateslug Called when slug changed on an existing page
changedata-save Called just before a page is saved
common Called immediately after the plugin functions are included in common.php 3.1+
component-extras Fired when creating component sections, allows additional form elements
edit-extras Fired within the Page Options toggle-div within edit.php
file-extras Fired at the end of the file list
file-uploaded Fired after a file has been successfully uploaded
footer Called in the footer section of the rendered page
download-file Called when downloading files via download.php
header Called in the head section of the rendered page
header-body Called in the body before output of the page
healthcheck-extras Allows additional Health-check entries
html-editor-init Called after ckeditor js is output
index-login Fired above the login form
logfile_delete fired when a logfile is deleted
login-reqs Fired on the login page footer
logout Fired when a user logs out
page-delete fired when a page is deleted
pages-main Fired when the pages maincontent in rendered
plugin-hook Fired before the Plugin page is rendered
resetpw-error Fired when password reset and error
resetpw-success Fired when password reset and successful
save-sitemap Fired before the sitemap.xml file is saved -3.1
settings-cpsettings Fired before the settings cp_settings file is created 2.x-3.0
settings-user Fired before the settings user file is created
settings-user-extras Fired on the settings page, before Save Settings in the user section
settings-website Fired before the settings website page is created
settings-website-extras Fired on the settings page, before Save Settings in the website section
sitemap-additem Allow insertion of a new sitemap XML entry -3.1
sitemap-saved Called after the sitemap is successfully saved 3.3+
support-extras Allows additional support setting form entries
support-save Fired before cp_settings.xml file is created -3.0
theme-edit-extras Fired in the theme edit screen before the submit button
theme-extras Fired after the theme screenshot
welcome-doc-link Allows additional documentation links on the Welcome page
welcome-link Allows additional links on the Welcome page
Back-End GUI
Hook ID Description Support
backups-sidebar Sidebar item on Backups Page
files-sidebar Sidebar item on Files Page
pages-sidebar Sidebar item on Pages Page
plugins-sidebar Sidebar item on Plugins Page
settings-sidebar Sidebar item on Settings Page
support-sidebar Sidebar item on Support Page
theme-sidebar Sidebar item on Theme Page
nav-tab Insert navigation bar tab
Filter ID Description Support
content filters page content data
menuitems filters the menu html returned in get_navigation()
pagecache filters $pagesarray data before saving 3.3+
sitemap filters the $sitemap xmlobj before saving 3.3+
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