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 **Written by GetSimple users for GetSimple users** \\ **Written by GetSimple users for GetSimple users** \\
 +[[#​getsimple|English Wiki section]]
 [[:​pl:​start|Polska wersja językowa Wiki]] ([[:​pl:​start|Polish Wiki section]]) [[:​pl:​start|Polska wersja językowa Wiki]] ([[:​pl:​start|Polish Wiki section]])
 ---- ----
Line 61: Line 63:
   *[[plugins:​installation|Installing Plugins]]   *[[plugins:​installation|Installing Plugins]]
   *[[plugins:​guide|Plugins Guide]]   *[[plugins:​guide|Plugins Guide]]
-  *[[config:​multi-user|Multi-User Capabilities]] 
 ===Languages=== ===Languages===
Line 71: Line 72:
 ===Tutorials,​ Tips and How-tos=== ===Tutorials,​ Tips and How-tos===
 +  *[[config:​multi-user|Multi-User Capabilities]]
   *[[themes:​tutorial|Theme Creation Tutorial]]   *[[themes:​tutorial|Theme Creation Tutorial]]
   *[[:​security|Extra Security for GetSimple]]   *[[:​security|Extra Security for GetSimple]]
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