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Full Version: Blank page while calling admin page
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I installed Apache and PHP on a Raspberry Pi and moved the recently downloaded GetSimple directory to /var/www/html. But when I try to open "<ip-to-my-rpi>/admin" within the browser I get a blank page. The apache logfile says:

Quote:PHP Fatal error:  Class 'SimpleXMLElement' not found in /var/www/html/admin/inc/basic.php on line 214

But the mentioned class exists. What can I do to geht GS work?
php-xml and php-simplexml
need to be installed
That did the trick. Shoud be mentioned explicitly somewhere. Thank you very much!
Install checks for these ans health check should also
(2017-10-03, 02:40:13)Carlos Wrote: [ -> ]

Saw this already. Should be marked with red, maybe. Didn't really recognize it. Or I did, but didn't know it is not already installed. It should also be mentioned how to recognize which modules are installed.
Its also in the readme in the root directory...
Maybe the "Wiki" link in the top menu should be changed into "Documentation", or "Docs". I read so many posts where it's clear the OP would have found it's solution quickly would they used the wiki.

Strictly speaking a wiki is not about documentation per se.