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Full Version: New theme, GreenTheme
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Hi. I just created a new theme called GreenTheme. I tried uploading it on this website on the Extend menu, under "Add a new file," but I'm not sure where those files go, so I'm making it available in the forum on my own website. It looks like this:
[Image: screenshot.png]

Let me know if you spot any bugs. Thanks.


P.S. Since I wrote this item Chris showed me how to upload the theme properly and so it now appears in the Extend section under "Themes."
Cool - Where did you have the problem uploading to Extend?

Once you upload it and pick "Theme" type, it will show up here:
OK, I'l try it again.

Hi :-)

i'm using

Getsimple 3.0 + GreenTheme

nice theme!

this theme has a "sidebar" in the right side: can i ask you how i can put "sidebar" in left side (and delete "sidebar" in right side)?

Yes, please let us know how to switch toolbar to the right..