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Full Version: How to install different admin theme (admin.xml)?
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How to install different admin.xml theme?

I have tried just copying the file, as it says here:

- but it didn't work for me on 3.0.

Is there some other option I need to touch?

no, as far as I remember this theme does not work
there will be admin themes in the upcoming next version but in the moment no real chance

see this thread here in the forum:

I also updated the description in the EXTEND

I will wait for 3.1 to see how it works, I am reluctant to do changes in code.
I just learned about this today.

using admin.xml

This forum search sucks, i searched for admin.xml and it didn't pull up shit.
I search in google with blablabla ...
If you don't mind fiddling with CSS you can use the Custom Admin CSS plugin. (that's a link, this forum really needs to style the links).

You can see what I managed to do with the plugin here.